Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I Want to Paint It Black!

So, this isn't going so well, huh? My free time has been going to my freelance work lately. The freelance world is somewhat new to me, and I'm still trying to learn the balance between work and home while being home full time.

So in the attempt to ease back into this, I'm trying to remind myself that not each post has to be a long, over whelming, big WOW factor project. Right?!?!?!? So pardon me as I ease back into this thing.

Here I go....

No before photo and the after photo is an iPhone pic. But, it's here and I'm posting!
We added the curtians to our front door quite some time ago and I planned to paint the back of the door black...and planned, and planned. I finally got around to it! A small project that has made a huge difference! Now I'm trying to decide if I want to paint all of our interior doors black. Or maybe just the ones on the first floor. Or maybe just this one is enough. What do y'all think? What color are your interior doors? Love or hate them?

P.S. I know our horseshoe (from Churchill Downs) is considered upside down. But I look at it this way--it's showering all who enter our home with good luck! ;)