Thursday, January 28, 2010

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I love birds . I know that my love for the feathered creatures comes from my dear, sweet Granny who I lost just a few short years ago. She was a bird lover. After she passed, I began to notice birds around me much more and now feel pulled to them in a way I wasn't before. I guess they let me feel close to her even though she is no longer physically nearby.

And lucky for me, birds are now a hot trend in the decorating community. Pottery Barn recently released their spring line, and it is full of, you guessed it, birds! And since I am already tired of winter and am thinking about spring and spring decor, I have a long wish list now. However, I very rarely pay full price for anything at Pottery Barn. I usually shop for comparable items at places like  Home Goods or Target, or I hit up our local Pottery Barn outlet. Unforunately, falling in love with a new line is a curse though because none of this stuff will be at the outlet.

These pillows would be lovely on my living room couch! And they are just the right colors, especially the red and gold one. I like that they would transition the main room of my house to spring and summer, without changing the regular color scheme (which tends to lend itself best to fall and winter).

And how sweet are these little birdie candles?

And there are always plenty of glass jars, vases, etc around my house to fill with lovely things, and these speckled eggs would go nicely with the bird theme for spring. I do know that I see similar eggs all over the place come spring such as Micahels, JoAnn's, etc so I will plan to puchase them there with coupons!

I am also intrigued by the look of old bird cages. I love the new light weight wire bird cages from Pottery Barn. think I may keep my eye out for some. Hopefully I will come across some cheaper ones at Home Goods, Target, JoAnns, or maybe even a thrift store.

Lastly, I must have these bird salad plates. The are breathtaking. I host Easter every year, and every year I wish for special Easter dinnerware. But I've never been able to bring myself to buy plates that are so obviously Easter themed that I can't use them any other time of the year. These, however, would fit right in with my solid cream and green dinnerware that I already have and could be used all spring and summer. I haven't totally given up on finding something similar, so I am still looking. However I have a feeling I'll be treating myself to these soon.

Are you thinking about spring yet? What are some of your favorite items to decorate with that time of year?


Anonymous said...

I love those pillows! I agree that the birdie plates would be add a perfect dash of spring to your Easter table! Bridget

Popcorn Served Daily said...

Yankee Belle,

I loved everything from PB too. Now, if I just find it on clearance!

Great blog you've got here. Thanks for stopping by my Popcorn Served Daily. I've added myself to your followers, can't wait to see what you come up with next!