Monday, February 22, 2010

Birds of a Feather?

So, guess what I brought home this weekend?

Actually, I brought home 3!
I fell in love with these bird pillows when I saw them in the Feb. Pottery Barn catalog. There are 3 different birds:

Originally I planned to buy one of each. However, I'm not so great about ordering home decor stuff online...I tend to want to see the item(s) in person. My closest PB didn't have the pillows, and the one I went to that did have them only had 3 of the same bird. I grabbed them and figured I'd decide if I liked having all the same ones once home and return them if I didn't.

So, what do you think?

Should I:
A) Keep the pillows.
B) Keep the 2 on the couch and exchange the one on the oversized chair for a different bird.
C) Keep the 2 on the couch and exchange the one on the oversized chair for something differnt.

If you chose A, which bird? Red or blue?

If you chose C, I am considering the following. Which do you think would go best?

And yes, the floral prints are still over the couch. I still think I prefer some fern prints that have more green in them, maybe in a set of 6. But then when I threw the bird pillows on the couch I kind began to question whether or not maybe I like these prints after all. Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Do you know that I've seen birds EVERYWHERE since you started this blog? I've even purchased a couple!

Anonymous said...

love the 1st pillow from choice C. I think 3 of the same bird is a bit much. Any chance of ordering one of the other pillows online?

Anonymous said...

I like the 3 different birds option and I love the first long pillow under choices. I just think the 3 birds is a lot. I got the birds and nest along with eggs for the bathroom from there. I can't believe I spent $80 on a couple things to put in the bathroom but it felt good to just do it and spunk up that room.
Michelle B

Meg said...

I have been traveling the blog world today (it's just one of those days when I keep getting distracted from work, oops!) and came across your blog through another newly discovered blog. Your style is way cute!

I like keeping the two couch pillows and the lumbar pillow with the floral print. Love it! Your place is so cozy. I am totally digging the flower photos too!

Amy Kinser said...

I love the pillows but think that three of the same may be too much. I also like the floral choice but I am very fond of the sweater pillows for winter time. So cozy.

Melanie said...

My choice is exchange one bird for the red bird. I do love that long pillow though.