Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Draping the Window Seat

We have an odd window seat in our living room. I say odd because it isn't as wide as most window seats. I've had a hard time "dealing" with this space. It took me FOREVAH to find a curtain rod that worked on the window because one side of the window goes all the way up against the fireplace leaving no room at all for a finial, while on the other side there is plenty of room for a large finial. I finally found the perfect rod over the summer and brought home some cheap drapes. And my husband hung the rod too high. So the drapes were "high waters", as my Gramps would say. They have driven me crazy for months. And lately I've been bothered by the green as well. I love dashes of green in the living room in plants, moss, etc., but I haven't been loving it on the windows. So today on a whim while in Tarjay I grabbed some linen-like, textured natural drapes that I could use clips to hang to extend the length.

So without further ado, here is the transformation.





The Breakdown
Drapes: Solid Natural Linen from Target's Home line, $19.99 each panel

Drapery Rings/Clips: Target's RE style line in mocha, $4.99 for 7

I am much happier! I had wanted to do the whole drop-cloths-as-drapes craze on the window seat, but hadn't had the time nor the confidence to do so. These drapes were cheap and very close to the coloring of drop cloths, so I am very happy with the results and with no work on my end other than hanging them and steaming them.They are still a tad shorter than I'd really like. I would prefer they puddle on the floor. But we have two vents right under so it just wouldn't work well there.

Tomorrow our blinds guy will be installing a new set of blinds. The ones there now were warped in shipping, and therefore can only be opened in the direction you see in the pics. And with new drapes and new blinds, and I nearly ready for the next step...a cushioned seat!

What do you think? Like the linen better than the green? Or would you have kept green on there?

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Lisa said...

I like the new ones Jess!

kim said...

Those look so much better. I also spy the pottery barn bird pillow that I may have to get. I just got the bird duvet and love it. I am adding myself as a follower. My picture is the faceless one...Kim

Jessica said...

big improvement!! thanks for stopping by over at my blog. When i saw your title i had to laugh, because i used to sell things under the name, the southern yankee, as i am from MD now in NC!

Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage said...

I love the transformation -- look lots better!!

Kim said...

It looks great! I like the linen drapes much better.

Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt said...

Lovely! I see you were plagued with capri drapes too! Mine droze me crazy one evening until I fixed them. The drapes look FANTASTIC! I love it. I think the room is looking amazing. I am glad you found a rod that could work with your vision. You have to wonder sometimes WHAT were builders thinking? :)