Sunday, February 14, 2010

Organization is Key

I tend to be a super organized person. My huge calendar at work is color coded by task. My coupons are categorized and filed in a small carrier that stays in my handbag at all times. And I 've been known to throw out hangers if they aren't the right color (white plastic or wood). Yet somehow, over the past year, closets and various drawers throughout the house have become extremely disorganized. A dear and quite brave friend of mine who is an organizing guru came over at the end of the summer and helped me tackle two large closets. It was just the jump start I needed and it helped me to regroup. However the holidays then took over and organization was put on hold. But now that things are calm again, I've had a chance to tackle two big problem areas.

The Linen Closet Before

The Laundry Nook Before

I told you they were big problem areas! (And my husband is abhorred that I posted before pics...but it's reality!) The linen closet is tiny and therefore it easily gets out of hand. And the laundry nook (sounds so much better than laundry closet, don't you think?) is quite small as well. Someday I will have a huge linen closet and a laundry room! Someday. Til then, a little organization can go a long way!

The Linen Closet After

The Breakdown:
This project was completely free! The blue bins were left over from my son's nursery and the white baskets were there before. On the top shelf we have a first aid kit and extras for the bathroom like soap, bubble bath, lotion, etc. The next shelf is a bin full of washcloths and a bin full of hand towels. The next 2 shelves are towels. And in the bottom we have an extra comforter, extra bath mat, and a bin of sheets.

The Laundry Nook After

The Breakdown:
Baskets: All of the baskets came from Home Goods for a total of $38. They hold paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning products, laundry essentials, etc. The one on top of the dryer is full of things I use constantly: laundry detergent, dryer sheets, spray Oxi-clean (can't live without it with a messy son), linen spray (makes fresh sheets smell so good), Meyer's all purpose wipes (awesome for quick bathroom clean ups), Swiffer dusting spray (love this stuff), etc.

Lamp: The lamp was repurposed from elsewhere in the house. It got a new shade from Target for $9.99.

Ironing Board Cover: We needed a new one, and it's funny how replacing something like that gives you such a fresh feeling! Found it at Home Goods for $9.99.

Ironing Caddy: I knew I wanted to get the ironing board onto the wall and came across this wall caddy at Target for $9.99. I love that it houses the iron and starch as well!

I'd like to add a cute laundry sign above the baskets, so I'll have my eye out. Let me know if you know of any!

Are you an organizer? What area of your home could use an overhaul? My kitchen "junk" drawers are next!

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Lisa said...

Jessi..I need u to organize my life. Haha I'm beyond disorganized!!

Suzeliz said...

I am bubbling over! Fabulous organization Jess!! Looks like you won't need me to come back and talk Chris into ditching the mountains of VHSes again :)

Melanie said...

I love to organize! It makes me happy to have everything in its place. It looks great! You did a fabulous job.

Casey said...

LOVE the before/after pictures! You inspired me while I was off this week to start in my own laundry room. I don't have a Home Goods near where I live...any other suggestions where I can find cheap but cute matching baskets? Right now I have a melting pot of plastic and woven and it just doesn't have that completed look. Let me know :)

Casey said...

By the way...Casey Carlisle :) Parker...I didn't have a picture/profile set up!

Jessi said...

Hi Casey! Can't wait to hear/se how your laundry area turns out. For baskets, I'd try Target, Walmart (which has a nive Better Homes & Gardens sections now) or Pier 1. Keep receipts and if you find them cheaper somewhere take them back and get the cheaper ones. (I tend to hold on to receipts for quite a while...the baskets I have right now are turned so that the tags are in the back. I'll leave them there for a while just in case.)Do you have a Christmas Tree Shop near you? That is also a great place to find deals on things like baskets. Let me know how it goes!

Robin said...

The Dollar General stores have some cute cheap baskets with neutral liners these days.

Carmie - the Single Nester said...

Looks teriffic! Job well done.