Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Powder Room

Excuse me while I powder my nose.

This half bath on our main floor has undergone some major changes since we first moved into our home. It, along with the entire house, was beige. We came in and painted it a deep cranberry and hung Parisian inspired artwork in dark mustard and olive greens. I loved for a long time. 

But then I needed to lighten up. I chose a sea glass color paint for the walls and left the decor out of the equation for months. Then over the last few weeks as items from the kitchen came down and got shuffled around, things started ending up in other places including the powder room.

This room is really tough to photograph as it's tiny. I put my regular lens on. I put my 50mm lens on. I turned the lights off. I turned the lights back on. In the end, I got what I got. ;)

Lights Off:

Lights On:

The glass shelf over the potty (yes, I have two little ones and call it a potty) has a collection of items that have made the rounds from the living room to the kitchen and now this room.

And with kiddos in the house, a stool is a must. I love the bead board effect on this one!

My sister in law added river rocks to her powder room sink after seeing them in the sinks at a restaurant. I totally copy catted a copy cat. We also added the faucet.

We also removed our builder grade, basic light fixture and replaced it with this one. I original bought it with the intention of of the fixture pointing up, but instead we positioned it downward and I like it so much better. 

The wall plaques were a purchase from Willow House back when it was Southern Living at Home. You can't tell very well from these pics, but the patina has some greenish blue in it that I had never even noticed til they were on these walls.

And last but not least, I added this very full, green plant to a wire distressed basket I found at The Christmas Tree Shop a while back. I immediately bought it because of the birds on it without any idea of how I would use it. I also threw some burlap in there.

So there you have it. The place you could powder your nose if you were to stop by for tea.


Anonymous said...

It looks great Jessie - I particularly love the pretty little vignette on the shelf!

Anna (My Design Ethos)

Jessi said...

Thank you so much Anna! I appreciate you stopping by and commenting. :)

Kimmie @ Sugar and Dots said...

GREAT photos! I'm new here... love the feel of your site so far! I'm off to check out some more posts. Thought I'd say hi rather than lurk around. :) Have a great week, sugar! xo