Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ammunition Boxes as Decor?

Here are the pics of my Goodwill finds that I accidentally left out of my post last night.

And from last night:
Ok, now I need your help. I found these metal containers at Goodwill and grabbed them for $6 for both. I have no idea what to use them for, but I liked the heavy, industrial feel to them. A friend who is a retired soldier told me today that they are actually military cases for bullets. I am considering spraypainting them in chalkboard paint and adding them to the shelves along with the galvanized tubs. Or should I spraypaint them ORB and find a place for them in the kitchen or living room? Thoughts? Suggestions?

So let me hear from y'all!


Jennie said...

What if you filled them with a couple of mason jars with flowers in them and use it on your kitchen table? I'm sure you'll think of something so much cuter!;) Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. Good luck! Can't wait to see what you do.

Jennie @ Cinnaberry Suite

Adrienne said...

I vote with the ORB. Are they big enough to hold some of your olive oil or vinegar bottles in the kitchen? Or spices?

Be sure you let us see what you finally do with them. I've been perusing your past posts (hey - how's that for alliteration??)and you have some great ideas.

Thanks for visiting me ...

kim said...

I'm not real sure what to do with those unless you use them at a desk for storing pens, pencis, paper clips, etc.?

Stephenie from Decorating Addiction said...

Those are really cool! I would definitely use them as is . . . you could use them like trays and put things in them for decoration (candles, small books, vases with flowers etc). OR - you could use them as windowsill planters . . . or outdoor planters . . . or desk organization or bathroom organization (you could put labels on the fronts of them and roll up washclothes or put toiletries in them, etc.) Good luck! Definitely let us know what you do with them!

Molly @ The Creative Maven said...

Those are super cool! ORB would be neat... but lately I'm into spray painting in bright colors too... so easy to cover later!

Thanks for commenting at thecreativemaven!

Wendy said...

They are really cool and you got some great ideas! I like the idea of flowers in them for the kitchen...there is something neat about delicate flowers against the metal that is so cool :) Any way you use them, will be great!
Super find..

Melissa said...

I would do something, that is for sure!! Those are awesome!!

Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt said...

Ooooohhhh! I love all the possibilities here. I think they would look fabulous in any color from your chalkboard to ORB to cream even. (Lately cream has been my go to spray paint color.)

As for what to with have so many options. I do like the idea of mason jars...plant some bulbs or even grasses.

I guess it all depends on the way you want to use these something functional or something pretty. ..and we can go from there. I LOVE coming up with ideas so feel free to bounce an idea off me. :)


Allison @ House of Hepworths said...

Are they wide enough to use to store extra cards in? I organize unused cards with little tabs by birthdays, Christmas, Thank you, Anniversary, blank, etc.

The Cozy Chateau said...

Oh I heart them as is! They are stunning and would look great with something "frilly" or pretty - like as storage for vintage linen or perhaps to house something else equally beautiful and delicate - would make a great juxtaposition. Nice find! Let us know what you decide to do. :)