Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Paint, Cherry Blossoms & Metal

What? You don't think those 3 things go together?
Well, that what I've got goin' on around here.

Finally, the weather has been good enough here to haul a bunch of stuff outside to paint. And I am officially hooked! Now you have to forgive me, but my camera died and I didn't get before pics. I just couldn't put off painting to wait on the battery to charge. This is the only before pic I's what my driveway has looked like the past two evenings. The table is for the guestroom that I have been redoing...consider this a sneak peek. The black square is a piece of glass from a frame that I spraypainted with chalkboard paint, also for the guestroom. I will show you the outcome in another post soon.

This little bunny was green glass before it got a coat of white spray paint.

I used oil rubbed bronze (ORB) to transform a few things that are in my kitchen so that they would match the ORB hardware and wrought iron accessories I have in there. The canisters are from Ikea and originally had silver lids.
The utensil holder was also originally silver, and the little olive jar's lid was a horrible orange wood. The ORB spraypaint made them all much better!

Cherry Blossoms
I love cherry blossoms. I love them even before they bloom. I added real ones to the vingette on top of the new piece we recently added to the living room.

And I added some faux ones to the shelves in the staircase leading to our basement.

And lastly, I added numbers to metal galvanized tubs that I keep on the shelves outside the door in our garage leading into our mudroom. (This is another redo in progress...more to come soonhopefully!) I made the numbers with left over peel-and-stick chalkboard paper. I printed out the numbers in a font I liked, taped them to the chalkboard paper, and then cut them out.

Ok, now I need your help. I found these metal containers at Goodwill and grabbed them for $6 for both. I have no idea what to use them for, but I liked the heavy, industrial feel to them. A friend who is a retired soldier told me today that they are actually military cases for bullets. I am considering spraypainting them in chalkboard paint and adding them to the shelves along with the galvanized tubs. Or should I spraypaint them ORB and find a place for them in the kitchen or living room? Thoughts? Suggestions?

And thank you all for the feedback on my Easter tablescape. I appreciate all of the suggestions! I have taken note of all y'all said and am putting together a plan. So thank you!

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Allison @ House of Hepworths said...

I love all your decor you posted!

kim said...

I see you have been busy painting, too. Look forward to seeing the guest room.

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Lots of painting going on, Jessi! Those galvanized tubs are great and the ORB freshen up your kitchen items. The little bunny is darling. I've been doing a bit of painting myself. Have loads more to go ha! I'm so glad the sun finally came out.


L~ said...

Yea! I am sooo going to paint the lids b'cuz I too, have those containers! :) They look MUCH better, great idea!

I have a TON of black so I love all your stuff!
My, what good taste you have :) I see burlap as well, another fav of mine!

Thanx for popp'in to say hi at my blog!L~

Emily {Frilly Details} said...

I love all of your projects!! They all turned out great!

Rachelle said...

I adore cherry blossoms, you reminded me to break my (fake ones) out for spring! Silly goose, look at you go, you're like my little "remember to decorate" assistant! :)
I also love the metal bins with the labels. LOVE.

Marla said...

Jessi, Love all the special touches with the ORB paint, wow that really pulls everything together. Cherry blossoms look awesome too. Now the metal boxes, umm I think I would spray paint them a light color like gray or white and use them for bathroom storage. I do like the industrial feel they have. Happy Spring and thanks for visiting me. Marla

Jane said...

Great design ideas! I love those cherry blossoms too I've got to check out my yard (or a neighbor's) for some of those! Thanks for linkin' up to FF!