Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I'm Back with a New House!

I've written about 10 different intros to this post to reintroduce myself and have deleted every single one. How do come back after 2 years? I have no idea. But I'm giving it a try.

What I really want to share is that a year ago we bought a house! A house that has redefined our family and made everything just right. A house in a neighborhood full of kids and amazing neighbors. A house in a community we love. A house that makes me feel blessed every single day.

A house that needed a lot of change to make it ours. We've painted nearly every single room so far. We've added new window treatments to every single window. We replaced 4 different types of flooring on just one level with hardwood. We're slowly replacing every light fixture. This past weekend we extended all of the flowerbeds. And there is still so much ahead of us. We have a running list of things to change, add, re-do, etc. It's our first single family home and we are learning as we go.

Please join me as I re-enter the blogging world!
I'm excited and anxious to share our home!


Deb said...

Welcome back!

Jessi said...

Hi Deb! So nice to "see" you! Hope all is well.

Wendy said...

Happy Easter and welcome back!

Jessi said...

Hi Wendy! Wonderful to hear from you! Hope you and your family are well.

stephanie said...

It is a blessing to live in a neighborhood that you love. I feel the same way about mine! It's a great feeling!! Great neighbors are like a second family. Welcome Back!!

Jessi said...

Hi Stephanie! So nice to hear from you. Hope you are well!