Thursday, July 24, 2014

Flour Sack Pillows

Hello friends.
Won't you pull up a bench, snuggle in, and share a cup of tea with me?

I recently picked up two vintage flour sacks from one of my favorite shops with plans to turn them into pillows. And then they sat in a drawer waiting for me to figure out HOW to make that happen. They sat in that drawer for two months. This is not unlike me. My fear of DIY tends to win out til I get enough of a spark to forge ahead despite the possibility of failure. In this case, my sewing trepidation held up my sacks turned pillows project.

When I stumbled over two down feather pillow inserts no longer being used during a closet clean out, I knew it was time to finally stuff the sacks. I was knee deep in satin bridesmaid dresses, mismatched socks, and grunge era plaid...but I had to make my flour sack pillows RIGHT THEN! That's generally how my spark finally gets lit--when I'm already knee deep in some other project.

I grabbed the sacks and stuffed the pillow inserts in. Now sewing necessary! The first sack was a tall, skinny, and rectangular shape. Since the pillow insert was down filled, it conformed nicely. Unfortunately, a small tear in the sack became a much large tear in the stuffing process. I'm still trying to decide if this adds character...

The next sack was more of a traditional square pillow shape and the stuffing went much smoother. The excess fabric on both sacks were simply folded into the pillow envelope style---hence, no sewing! Yay me!

Now...does anyone know how to line a quilt without sewing?

This quilt was made by my great grandmother. I love the colors and patterns. But it isn't lined and needs to be finished. I'm too scared of screwing it up, and so it usually sits, folded in a basket in our living, waiting for my spark to hit when I'm fulling involved in some completely unrelated project.

About that you take milk and honey?

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