Friday, July 25, 2014

Morning Muffins

My kiddos love blueberry muffins for breakfast. And, as a baker who bakes nothing from scratch, Krusteaz muffin mix is usually in our pantry. (This post is not a paid sponsorship. Just sharing what I love!)

I do have a KitchenAid mixer, gifted to me as a doe eyed bride to be with aspirations of mixing up homemade bread for my love and future babies. Truth is, I use it for simple recipes that I can handle that call for several ingredients. When I bake anything only requiring one or two ingredients, I tend to stick to my simple glass bowl and wooden spoon. This muffin mix only requires water and the supplied berries. The "fresh" canned blueberries is what sets the Krusteaz mix apart from others--they make the muffins taste less hurriedly-thrown-together-mix and more made-with-love-from-scratch.

Let me mention my adorable green depression glass measuring cup. It was my Granny's and passed down to me by my momma. Lover her heart, she is amazing in the kitchen and had high hopes for me. But I didn't get an ounce of her kitchen talent in me! But I do love me some cute cookware. This particular measuring cup is such a perfect size--not too big, not too small--and has three spouts. It was apparently a promotional item from Kellogg back in the day.

These scrumptious--EASY--muffins are ready in just 18 minutes.
My kids spend each of those 18 minutes asking if they are done yet. 

Hopefully, my kids will remember that I made their favorite blueberry muffins often, and will have no recollection that they were from a boxed mix. ;)

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