Saturday, July 26, 2014

Shopping Spotlight: Nest Decor & The Trading Post Depot

A girlfriend and I ventured out to Nest Home Decor and The Trading Post Depot for their Last Friday event, which is every last Friday of the month. We enjoyed live music, a glass of wine, and walked the floor over and over again taking in each and every item. Located at Market at Oaks, the two shops are housed in one warehouse to create one really big retail store.

When you enter the main door, you enter Nest Home Decor, which offers an "eclectic mix of home decor, trophy antique, functional items and seasonal products." The shop is about to wrap up their Christmas in July sale and will begin highlighting fall items soon. (We hear it's one of THE places to be for fall decor!)

As you proceed through the large retail space, the Nest becomes The Trading Pose Depot, which is wall to wall antiques, architectural pieces, custom made furniture, vintage items, and more. The owner, who served as bar tender for the evening, brings in new pieces everyday and is happy to share information about his treasures.

There was a large selection of salvaged doors and shutters. I was tempted to bring at least one home! I hope to eventually replace the door to our laundry room with a salvaged door with lots of character.

The first piece that really spoke to me was this church Sunday school sign. I could see this over a couch, in a dinning room, a large foyer, or the right sun room. With or without the letters, it's an amazing vintage statement piece.

The sign as it once was...

I had a horse very similar to this one when I was kid. I proudly rode that thing in my red cowgirl hat and matching boots! I was shocked to see the price tag...wish I still had my childhood one now!

This simple mint green hutch was just perfect. It was marked as sold and I would have loved to chat with the person who grabbed this gem! Where's it going, what will it hold?

This horse painted on a reclaimed barn piece would be adorable in a little girl's room. I know my little lady would like it!

Are you a Pepsi or Coca Cola fan? 

This metal post office window complete with PO boxes and letter slot was my favorite piece of the night. The green and black coloring, the font of the lettering, the metal, rusting metal...yep, it almost made it into my minivan. Well, until I saw the $2100 price tag.

Want to know what DID make it into my minivan? I'll let you know tomorrow!

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