Monday, August 11, 2014

Shopping: Home Eclective

We were so busy this weekend that it flew by in the blink of an eye! We took advantage of every moment, which included a venture to a new spot in nearby Downingtown, PA--Home Eclective. A group of local artisans pulled together to open a shop and studio to feature items that they specifically pick to give a second life. Their shop is open the second weekend of each month.

I saw plenty of fabulous "old things" that I would love to bring home with me. Dang budget! 
This complete set of glass milk bottles and metal carrier was in excellent condition and would look amazing on my dinning room farm table filled with wildflowers. I dreamed it about the rest of the weekend!

My eye has been drawn to rusty metal lately, and Home Eclective had plenty of eye candy ready for me in that department! The red stool in particular wanted to come home with me. Really, it did. I hated that I had to let it down.

This antique first aid box has been repurposed into a makeup caddy, complete with a mirror!

Although summer is beginning fade away, there is still plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors during fall and Home Eclective had some awesome stuff for entertaining outside! 

I almost plopped myself down on this bench and helped myself to a bit of wine. Isn't that bench and those wine holders fabulous?

Mr. Yankee and I are craft beer lovers, and these beer stands made of salvaged wood and iron are incredibly unique and, well, just plain awesome.

The price tag wasn't quite as awesome...but, I totally get it. I never want to scoff at the price of someone's hard work! Unfortunately, Yankee Belle Home operates on a budget so I always prioritize. But, I will definitely keep these in mind for a special occasion gift for Mr. Yankee!

I am currently working on our master bathroom and am trying to decide on a paint and color for the existing vanity, so I was interested in learning more about the paints that Home Elective carries. Shabby Paints is much like other popular brands of chalk paint, but this particular line is nontoxic. That means the paint is safe for servingware and for us on products that will be used by babies and children, such as cribs, highchairs, etc. I was lucky enough to meet the Shabby Paints rep--Christine from House of Red--who was incredibly helpful. I look forward to trying out this paint soon!

In addition to the abundance of treasures Home Eclective has, it will soon offer craft parties and class demos. I can't wait to sign up for one! Perhaps a Yankee Belle Home craft party soon? Locals, whatcha think?

There was a lot to take in! I couldn't stop snapping pics--lucky for you! That bed, those shutters, the little stool, that mantel...sigh...I let them all down as easily as I could.

So...what jumps out at you? Wanna know what I brought home? These telephone insulators made of the most gorgeous blue shade of glass! Mr. Yankee actually spotted these beauties. Still trying to figure out their spot in our home. For now, they are being used as paperweights on our desk. I'm looking forward to returning next month! Be sure to follow Home Eclective over on Facebook!

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Sarah N. said...

My parents have one of those red stools in their basement!