Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Rehabbing the Master (Bathroom)

Our master bathroom is currently undergoing what I like to call it's first stint of rehab. It's not completely clean, and won't be for quite some time, but it recognized it's problem and is slowly making some changes. Mr. Yankee and I consider ourselves its hardworking sponsors.

This was how we found the bathroom when we acquired it. Olive green on the walls AND ceiling.

So the first step in this multi-step program was paint. Lots and lots of paint. I'm not gonna lie, painting is labor intensive. It takes lots of prep time and patience. By the time I make it to clean up, I'm so tired that I chuck a lot of reusable stuff 'cause I'm over it. But in the midst of all of that work, I tend to find my happy zone--usually that point after the trimming and first coat of paint are behind me and I'm about to put on the second coat and my vision is taking hold. Pure bliss. And truth be told, I enjoy the prolonged amounts of quiet alone time painting affords me. Mr. Yankee takes the littles out and I make miracles happen in complete, golden silence.

Wanna know my must haves for painting?
1. An angled brush with a short handle. This one is my favorite. (I cut the angled part of the brush out of the picture...bad blogger!) These brushes allow me to avoid taping for trimming, which saves a lot of time.

2. When I can't avoid taping, I use 3M scotch blue painter's tape. Pretty straight forward. It comes in different widths and goes on/comes off easily. I've never had issues with paint bleeding under it. I'd advise that you remove the tape before the paint completely dries to avoid taking fresh paint off with the tape.

3. Lastly, my painting pants. That's out house color pallete on there! Do YOU have go-to painting clothes?

I painted this room in reverse--walls then ceiling. Bad idea. I knew better, so don't ask why I did it. I don't have a reasonable explanation. Once the olive green walls were covered in Benjamin Moore's Palladian Blue, it was time to tackle the ceiling with a pure white. And yep, because of my reverse order, the ol' blue tape was a must. (Oh, you noticed the beadboard? Mr. Yankee handled that step of rehab and I totally flaked and didn't take photos of the process. Many apologies. We'll chat about it later.)

Once any and every trace of olive green was gone, we reached a much more serene level of the rehab process. And then the shower door started rearing it's ugly face. Funny how once you start to tackle a room, more and more parts of that room begin to beg for attention as well. The door was always off track, leaking, and just plain cumbersome. 

I do things when the mood strikes me, so one afternoon while the littlest napped and the oldest ran around with the neighbor boys, I grabbed my supplies and ripped those doors clean off! It really was that easy. I unscrewed a few screws, ran a straight blade knife along the silicone caulked edges, and before nap time was over the doors were off.

Evidence of how happy I was to take down those doors...cause once I knew what was under the tracking, there was NO turning back. GROSS!

I got a bit carried away with the knife and broke off the tip of the blade, but it still worked as it was...cause y'all know I wasn't about to stop progress to go buy another blade!

Once the doors and tracking were history, I used waterproof silicone to fill in the tiny holes left behind. The patching went well and is basically unnoticeable. A guy at Lowe's recommended the Goo Gone Caulk Remover for this project, but the silicone caulk came off so easily that I ended up not needing it and returned the product.

So, where are we now in this multi-step rehab program for our dear Master Bath? Here's sneak peek snapped with my iPhone for Instagram.

I'll share more with you soon...the littles are demanding my attention. Mom first, everything else second! ;) In the meantime, let me know what you think--is the shower makeover an improvement?

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