Friday, August 15, 2014

Master Bath Reveal

Til I get a big 'ol soakin' tub, this is our master bathroom.
It's a huge room, which is the only reason I gave in on my bathtub in the master requirement when we were house shopping. There is plenty of room to add one later...but until the HUGE remodel happens, I'm ready to reveal our master bathroom.

Since the fun of reveals are the before and after shots, here's the before, in all of it's olive green glory:

The first thing we did was paint the walls Benjamin Moore's Palladian Blue and the ceiling and trim in a bright white.

No bathtub in here, but there is a large two seater walk-in know, for those of us who lounge in the shower often. ;)

Mr. Yankee added beadboard, trim and hooks to the large wall, which isn't just dang pretty but quite useful as well. I like hanging towels on hooks rather than dealing with towel bars.

After that project, I tackled the shower doors. You can read about that here. Eventually, we plan to rip out the plastic shower insert and tile the shower. At that point, we will probably add a new shower door that opens out rather than slides. But since we aren't at that point yet, I chose to go with a more traditional route, but a bit more dramatic.

Rather than a standard 72" shower curtain, I used two 84" curtain panels. (These moved with us from our first house. I had no idea where I was going to hang them, but I'm glad I packed them rather than tossing them in the big pre-move clean-out!) I was able to find an XL 84" shower curtain liner at Bed Bath & Beyond. The curtains and the liner are all clipped to curtain rings. (I used two boxes of rings.) This has worked very well without any water leakage. 

The room is incredibly bright thanks to the double window that takes up the whole wall to the right. (Unfortunately, it also makes it very warm in the summer and cold in the winter.) All that sun makes it impossible to photograph the room well. So the coloring looks a bit different from photo to photo.

I'm on the hunt for the perfect bench, hopefully made of reclaimed barn wood, that is the length of the beadboard wall. Until then, I moved in this little iron chair as a stand in. I'm also trying to figure out what sort of artwork I'd like above the beadboard and whether or not I want to hang my handmade sign. Until I decide, it's temporarily hanging out on a hook. (See how I made the sign here.)

I loved this rug when I found it at Home Goods right as we moved into the house. I bought it for our "formal" living room, but it was a bit small for the room. I moved it into here and love having a large rug in the bathroom! It makes the room feel cozy.

Because this isn't the final remodel of this room, I decided to put very little money into this rehab. Therefore we are keeping the vanity, counters, and mirror. I'd like to paint the vanity, but am having a hard time deciding on a color. Any suggestions? I considered white to go with the beadboard, but the toilet, counters, showers, etc, are all almond and I don't want to make that color stand out anymore. Once that's decided, we will frame out the large mirror.

As for lighting, I stumbled upon these white covers that I can only describe as shades for builder grade lights. They were a Lowe's clearance find--$7 each!

Lights On:

Here's the builder grade lights that are under those shades:

Notice the medicine cabinet to the right of the humongous mirror. Because that hunk of reflective power simply isn't enough, right? Take a look again and let me know what you think we should do about the recessed cabinet. We do use it (despite the abundance of storage space in the vanity.) What can we use rather than the mirror front? (And yeah, the black rubber will be going when I paint the vanity.)

The rest is in the details, which so far are all from my decor stash. I'll be adding soaps to the apothecary jar and am hoping Santa will replace the towels with new ones this Christmas. (I started to put away the hand soap and toothbrushes for photos...but then I said heck no! What's a bathroom without toothbrushes and hand soap? I mean, at least now you know we DO brush out teeth and wash our hands!)

Of all the things in the bathroom, the little perfume bottle holding my small makeup brushes is my favorite item and it only cost me $1. It's the little things in life y'all!

What's your favorite part of the master-bathroom-makeover-that-will-do-until-I-get-my must-have-big-ol'-soakin'-tub?

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Anonymous said...

It looks AWESOME! Wow, you did an amazing job!

Beth Graham said...

It looks great Jessi....I love how you did it all....I need to start on all my rooms all over again too....we've been here 10+ years....time for an overhaul!