Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wyebrook Farm

One of my favorite outings this summer was a gorgeous discovery only a few minutes from our home in Honey Brook, PA. I have a soft spot in my heart for gravel roads, stone houses and barns, barnwood beams, scuffed boots, and curly piggy tails. I was in heaven at Wyebrook Farm. 

The farm describes itself as "an alternative to the industrial food supply through its "diverse polyculture" which produces "the healthiest animals and best food without the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, hormones, or antibiotics." 
I describe Wyebrook Farm as a relaxing getaway with beautiful views and delicious food!
Visitors can dine at the cafe and purchase food to take home at the market. The dining experience was amazing. I honestly felt like I was in a movie scene. The gravel under my boots, the matching white umbrellas overhead at each wooden picnic table, the sweet tea in my mason jar...and the farmland spread out before me as the breezes blew. It was perfection. 

After brunch we explored the farm.
How breathtaking is the farmhouse? Y'all, if I ever win the lottery you won't find me moving into a mansion full of all of the latest and most modern amenities. No my friends, you will find me in the middle of nowhere in an old farmhouse much like this beauty.  

And y'all, I might even take up pig farming. I mean, how cute are those curly tails? But if I raised and cared for piggies, I'd probably never be able to eat bacon again. And honestly, can I really live without bacon? Um, no.

I probably should have warned you in the beginning that this post was going to be photo heavy. Hope you don't mind! No? Fabulous. Here's a bunch more!

The Market is located in the farm's 18th century stone barn and offers hand butchered beef, pork, and chicken (all raised on the farm) as well as various vegetables, cheeses, etc.  

Mr. Yankee and I will be returning to Wyebrook soon to celebrate our anniversary! We're looking forward to dinner at dusk at this gorgeous setting. And can  you imagine this quiet, serene place after sundown, lit by candles? Yep, another movie scene. 

You can virtually visit Wyebrook Farm here. Enjoy, and plan your trip soon!  

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Sarah N. said...

That looks amazing! We'll have to trek down there sometime!