Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fluffing the Nest, Part 2

Next up on my list of things to fluff was our entertainment center nook. It has always bothered me that the entertainment center just sort of sat in the the nook without any sort of decor other than what is in or on the piece of furniture. (This is where before pics would be helpful. Sorry I don't have one!)
So I finally did something about it and ended up with this: (click on pics to see them larger)

A while back I added the patina wall tiles from Southern Living at Home to the wall on the right. (Yes, those are also plastic pieces attached to the same wall for baby gates! Try to ignore them.)

Then I added the basket in front of the entertainment center. I filled it with special quilts all made by amazing women in my family.

Next I wanted to some color, so I added the greenery on the top of each end of the center.
 You can read about how I made these pieces here.

To add more color, and to make my collection of pink depression glass and milk glass (all inherited from my Granny) stand out more, I lined the back of the cabinets with textured wall paper.


And most recently, I added some decor above the entertainment center. That blank space had always bothered be, but I was baffled as to what to put there. Prints just didn't seem right, and I have more than enough iron scroll type decor in this room. Then I found the perfect thing! While shopping at Target last week I found square basket weave chargers on clearance for about $3 each. I grabbed 4 thinking it was time I start working on table scapes for our kitchen table. But once home, I thought, "Hey, why not out these over the entertainment center?!?" And so I did. What do you think?

 I still need to work on the decor there in the middle over the TV. It's on my to do list!

NOTE: Please forgive the quality of these pics. I am finding that I need to make time to take pics during the day when the room is filled with light. And I am learning through looking at pics of my home that I need to find a way to hide all those hideous power cords!

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Anonymous said...

It looks great Jessi! I can't wait to see some table scapes, I never know what to put in the middle of our dining room table! KimL