Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fluffing the Nest, Part 3

I fluffed one more area of our living room this past weekend that I want to share with you.
(You can read more at Part 1 and Part 2 posts.)

Something really bothered me in the this photo that I posted on the blog a few posts ago. Can you guess what had me cringing?

Aside from the prints that are now gone, I couldn't stand how empty the room looked. Specifically the area under the end table. I hope to replace that table before long, but in the meantime I had to fill that space.

I went shopping around the house and I came up with a basket to house all of my decorating magazines. But there was still a lot of space in the basket and I needed something with some height. I came across tall glass vases on sale at Target as well as boxes of wine corks to use as filler (yes, I had to buy them...we are beer drinkers and something tells me bottle caps just wouldn't be as classy.)

But I didn't like the pair of vases. So I shopped around the house again and found another greenery arrangement that was in a bag in our mudroom ready to be returned because I didn't think I had a place for it. Glad I didn't have time to return it!

Aaahhhh...that's better.

This post is part of Transformation Thursday at Shabby Chic Cottage.


kim said...

That looks great. I like to fill in empty spaces, too.

Jen@Notes From the Heartland said...

The basket looks so nice...cozies up the table area!

Jess said...

Great idea!

Jane said...

Isn't shopping the house sooo fun? It's amazing how magazines, a basket and a vase can pretty much solve any decorating problem area! Great lil' improvement!

jen @ the inspiration studio said...

I love finding items around the house to fix those areas that just drive you crazy! You get a cute new look AND you don't have to spend any money! Win-win if you ask me!

Jennifer said...

Jessi, I just found your blog and love it! I can't wait to see what else you come up with for your home :)

Andrea said...

This looks great! I just wanted to let you know that I gave you a blog award on my blog